Online Identity Verification for AML/CTF

Fast, flexible Electronic Verification(EV) of consumer and business information

Today’s business processes call for consumer and business identity verification to externally assess the authenticity of information, against multiple independent data sources. To assist companies meet their Know Your Customer obligation for Anti-money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing (AML/CTF) legislation.

FCS OnLine's real-time service validates or detects invalid, inconsistent and unusual elements of an individual or business identity in seconds. Timely notification of one or more of these conditions is extremely valuable in assessing risk, preventing fraud, DFAT/OFAC screening and complying with key provisions of the AML/CTF Act. With hundreds of match conditions conducted on each identity, this software-based solution is the foundation of non-documentary verification for EV.


These solutions not only assist in removing the headaches in customer acquisition and risk, but also enable you to demonstrate compliance with the recent AML/CTF legislation, whilst removing the need for multiple paper based authentication processes.

Highly configurable EV scoring and sophisticated modeling is readily tailored to suit an organisation's risk management requirements. This is delivered through providing the ability to deploy multiple score cards to one organisation, catering for multiple products risk categories, and/or supporting multiple risk categories within a product.

Key Advantages:
  • Real-time solutions, available in either:
  • Secure Web Based Access
  • Secure Batch processing (online or offline)
  • Secure Programming Interface (XML based API)
  • The most comprehensive data sources, including but not limited to:
  • Australian Electoral Roll - Live ~17.5 million records
  • FCS Public Number Telephone Directory
  • FCS Name and Address file ~ 150 million records, dating 10 years+
  • Australia Post - National Address Verification
  • Transactional History - dating 7 years+
  • Auditable ongoing verification, providing an audit trail of all information sources and verified against the resulting risk profile
  • Risk-Based profiling against 250+ match conditions delivered in a flexible environment supporting the ever changing needs of business

Ideal solutions for:
  • Banking & Finance
  • Insurance & Superannuation
  • Casinos and Online Gambling
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