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illion is Australia and New Zealand's leading provider of business-to-business credit, marketing and purchasing information and receivables management services.

bing is the new era in postal mail; the fast, efficient, convenient and intelligent way to send corporate mail. bing is the ultimate solution for securely sending invoices, statements and customer communications with ease. Using your existing software you can now despatch business mail from any computer and have it delivered as normal mail.

Collect Credit & Collection Software
Collect! is widely recognised as the leading business management software solution for the world's receivables management industries. Over 1300 companies in 38 countries manage billions of dollars in receivables daily using Collect! No matter how you run your business Collect! is a secure, proven and flexible system and offers all the tools necessary to increase your efficiency, effectiveness and profitability. Collect! is your best solution for credit and collection management. Collect! and FCS OnLine have partnered together, allowing Collect users to conduct FCS Online searches automatically from within the Collect! debtor screens.

RDA Research 
RDA is a leading Australian provider of geodemographic solutions for campaign targeting, retail optimisation and customer segmentation.

RDA's products & services target blue chip corporations & their agencies enabling clients to identify their best customers, prospects & retail locations using geodemographics (geoSmart®), expenditure patterns (geoProphet®), life cycle stage & SES (geoStages®) and lifestyle (geoTribes®).

Australia Post
The Australia Post National Change of Address File is a service that assists businesses in keeping track of customers who have moved. Approximately 17%, or more than 3 million Australians, change addresses every year. Most are still viable customers - if you know where they have gone. This service compares names and addresses on your database with Australia Post’s National Change of Address File, providing you with the new address of your customers who have moved.

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