As a collection agency, ARL was plagued with poor contact details and out-of-date information, resulting in high cost staff overheads and reduced calls to debtors. As such the existing manual system was not achieving the results required and the objectives were to:

  • Increase the volumes of work to be completed in shorter time frames
  • To diversify and expand ARL’s current client base to maximise revenues and minimise risk


Drawing on more than 150 million names, address and telephone records compiled from a comprehensive range of cross-referenced resources, FCS Search was implemented into ARL’s Skip Tracing process to ensure that their operators could contact more debtors on a daily basis and reduce their time spent searching multiple data sets, whilst providing more transparent reporting and statistics.


FCS Search has reconnected ARL with approximately 30% of their previous un-contactable debtors. By providing the most up to date telephone and address contact details, we enabled ARL to increase their contact rates and save significant resources and time associated with manual searches. Specific benefits measured to date consist of:

  • Increased the number of calls to debtors – from 80 to 180 calls per day
  • Success in improving internal operations so that more debts can be pursed
  • Increased ARL’s potential capacity for growth without the need to invest in additional staff
  • Reduced the average time taken to perform a search, on average by 50%
  • Reduced the time taken for users to interpret data

Australian Receivables utilises FCS Search

“FCS Search has become key to our collections processes, forming part of our leading technology applications, to ensure that we maintain contact with our debtors. Other applications in the industry rely on debtors applying for credit to maintain contact, where FCS assists to maintain contact no matter what the credit status of a debtor.

Since introduction of FCS Search into ARL, we have achieved on average a 30% increase in our location rates, over traditional sources of information available.”

Peter Calafiore
Manager – Skip Trace Department

Australian Receivables Limited

Australian Receivables Ltd, is the Australian Subsidiary of the Global, NCO Group Inc, - the worlds largest provider of receivables management and business process outsourcing services.
ARL is one of Australia's largest providers of receivables management services, and offers a return to traditional client service, supported by leading edge technology and highly motivated, experienced and professional staff with Compliance as on of its Core Values.
The ARL team has access to the best available Collection Systems, in DEBTRAK which delivers improved communications facilities for Clients, through web based access to reports, file updating, and data transfer. These advantages also flow through to our contact with debtors.

ARL represents the next stage in the evolution of the receivables management and debt collection sectors in Australia.

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