Wesley Mission


Wesley Mission’s donor database was plagued with bad addresses and out-of-date information, resulting in a lack of ongoing communication with key donors and a considerable amount of returned mail.


FCS OnLine RecoNexus™ has been introduced into the process with Wesley Mission, allowing them to maintain more accurate records and increase their donor retention statistics and reduce returned mail.


RecoNexus™ has reconnected Wesley Mission with 54% of their previously un-contactable donors. Enabling Wesley Mission to increase their donor retention rates and save significant costs associated with returned mail. All simply through being provided with the most up-to-date telephone and address contact details for their donors. As you would expect their marketing team is now more willing than ever to spend more money on campaigns, because they have increased confidence that their marketing dollars will reach the intended donors.

Wesley Mission turns to RecoNexus™

Wesley Mission turned to RecoNexus™ as their complete donor recovery solution. RecoNexus™ combines the power of FCS OnLine’s cleanse, search and locate systems that enabled Wesley Mission to:

  • Clean and validate address details
  • Validate current customer contact details
  • Update your customers contact details
  • Update movers information

Wesley Mission utilised RecoNexus™

“This was a very simple and pain free exercise where FCS OnLine reconnected us
with our donors, providing new addresses for 54% of our un-contactable donors. This
has had a major impact in donations and donor retention”

Lyn Kwong
Process and Analysis WESLEY MISSION

About Wesley Mission and the Uniting Church

Wesley is a growing Christian Church and a Parish Mission of the Uniting Church in Australia, serving the community wherever the need exists. (We have a history of going where others won’t and of not allowing economic rationalism to dictate our programs.) Wesley continues to love, empower and inspire individuals. We believe it takes love, faith, and commitment to engage actively in the lives of those around us. Wesley aims to break free from limited thinking and lead by example. To rise to the challenges we face
through innovation. To influence the community to consider Christ.

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